MakeYourGarments.com is an alternative for members that have trouble wearing the LDS temple garment. From rashes to yeast infections to lack of support, the reasons for trouble greatly vary. The Church’s garment manufacturer- Beehive Clothing, offers military personnel & members that find themselves in a hospital bed for long periods of time the option of screen printing the clothing necessary to their situation. By offering our custom iron ons, we hope to provide the same option for everyone- a way for you to remember your temple promises while still keeping comfortable. Click here to read how the process works.

“I’ve been suffering for nearly 10 years with yeast infections & other feminine issues. I’ve done my best to prevent them from happening, but the current design of the garment makes that incredibly difficult. With this new, respectful option, I’m thrilled to be able to take a step towards a healthier life.”
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